View 06Daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for a single wear, and then thrown-away. As such, these lenses represent the ultimate in ocular health, comfort and convenience for the contact lens wearer. No need for any cleaning, no keeping track of disposal schedule, no use of solution and daily disposables are considered the safest and healthiest type of contact lenses because the use of a fresh pair of lenses every day minimizes the chance for build-up of deposits, proteins and potentially harmful pathogens on the lens surface. Daily disposable contact lenses are also more affordable than most people perceive, pricing starts at about $1.00 per pair and in some cases, they are less expensive than using multi-use lenses with solution.

These are some of the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses:

No solution. No case. No cleaning. No longer having to remember when it’s time to change your lenses. Great for everyday wear and the best for occasional or part-time wear.

No protein or lipid build up from day to day use. You experience first-day comfort EVERY DAY!

Health & Safety
A fresh new lens every day is the cleanest option and reduces your risk of complications such as eye infections, redness, discomfort, stinging and irritation & potential corneal ulcers, as well as solution-related complications.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms
For allergy sufferers, a fresh lens daily decreases discomfort and irritation related to build up of allergens on reusable lenses.

Most convenient for those who only wear contact lenses for sports and are the ONLY lenses safe to swim in (as long as the lens is removed after swimming).

The GREENER Choice
Daily disposable lenses have less impact on the environment with a smaller carbon footprint; all packaging is recyclable and the lenses will decompose faster than a regular contact lens. Also, because you no longer need to use solution there is no impact on the environment in the production and shipping of the solution. Even better, you’re not pouring chemicals down the drain!

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