Contact lens services and productsimage00160

Do you wear contacts? Are your considering them for the future? If so, here’s how we can help:

1. View Eye Care doctors are highly proficient at fitting contact lenses.

2. We stay current with the very latest advances in contact lens design and materials.

3. You’ll find all the services and products you are looking for:

  • access to lenses from all major manufacturers as well as custom lenses for those who require them
  • an in-office inventory of several brands allows for quick, easy access to purchasing lenses
  • a choice of lens brands that can be directly delivered to you at no additional cost
  • competitive prices on all brands and modalities

Look no further than View Eye Care for your next contact lens purchase:

  • Unsurpassed service and care
  • Many brands in stock
  • Ability to order your contact lenses directly from us at any time
  • Direct delivery of your lenses to your home or office or courier services available at no to little cost
  • Extremely competitive prices
  • Security in knowing that your lenses are properly fit and not harmful to your eyes