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View Eye Care was founded on the principle of providing the highest level of patient education & eye care. Our Optometrists and staff are committed to delivering an exceptional patient experience with every interaction. Our team strives to make every aspect of each visit pleasant, efficient, and educational. Our Eye Doctors and staff are always easily accessible to patients for follow-up and for emergencies.

New Patients

Our goal is to cover everything you need with a full and efficient assessment

We understand that your first visit to the eye doctor can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility. Our staff takes steps to prepare you for the first appointment by providing a full spectrum of the services we offer and the ability to complete our new patient intake form online prior to your visit.

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About View Eye Care

State of the art professional vision care delivered in a comfortable, friendly and caring environment.

Our eyewear boutique has a wide selection of unique & fashionable frames from around the world and our team ensures you find the perfect frame to fit your style, vision needs, and budget. Our dispensary team is knowledgeable and always up to date on new designs, materials and technologies available in spectacle lenses and takes the time to educate patients about the options available.

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    When looking for a new optometrist, knowing which one suits you the best can be challenging, especially if you live in an area with several options to choose from. Of course, just like you would do when choosing any provider of medical or other services, the optometrist you choose is ultimately a personal decision. However, there are some factors you should keep in mind to ensure that your eye health and vision care needs are met.


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    Did you know that tears are not just the body’s way of conveying happy or sad emotions? Tears actually play a part in protecting your eyes and providing clear vision. They produce lubrication to allow for the smooth and comfortable movement of and interaction between the eyeballs and the eyelids. If your tears evaporate or dry up too quickly or if your eyes produce fewer tears than necessary, you could experience dry eye. This is a condition where the surface of either one or both eyes dry out, causing friction between the eyelids and eyeballs and causes some “break-down” in the surface layers of the eyes, leading to discomfort when blinking or leaving the eye open.


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Caring for Patients from all across the GTA and surrounding areas including North York, Mississauga, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Downtown Toronto, Yorkville, Midtown Toronto, Leaside, The Annex, Yonge–Eglinton, Bay and Bloor, Lawrence Park, Bridle Path, Leslieville, Scarborough Bluffs and Oakville.

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