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Eye Exams For Infants, Toddlers And Children

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Annual eye exams for those under the age of 20 are covered by OHIP.

Visual Development & Early Detection: Children often don't notice or complain about visual issues. The visual system develops from birth to approximately age 6. Some children can be born with certain eye conditions that require early intervention in order for their vision to develop optimally. We recommend that children should have their first eye exam at 6-12 months and no later than age 3, and then annually thereafter. Children from families with a history of oculo-visual conditions (e.g. high prescriptions, lazy-eye/squint, eye disease) should be seen sooner. Vision and Learning: Vision is involved in over 80 percent of learning. Children who are having trouble seeing may perform poorly at school, may exhibit poor behavior or attention, or may exhibit a reading or learning disability.


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