Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

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Bypass the wait at your family physician's office! All of our doctors are trained and licensed to diagnose and prescribe medications to treat all ocular and vision problems. There is no need to go to a family doctor's office if you are having vision changes or any eye condition such as an infection, itching, redness, eye pain, etc.. All of these ocular conditions can and should be addressed by a doctor of optometry. Our doctors take care of every aspect of your eye health and vision needs.

Complete assessments allow for early intervention Many ocular conditions, including some sight threatening ones, initially present without any symptoms but can be detected through routine, annual, comprehensive eye exams. Early diagnosis and treatment can be the difference between sight for life and a visual impairment. Should we find any irregularity during your check-up, we will make sure you understand its nature and severity, and the options you have to address it.

Your routine annual assessment includes:

  • A complete general & oculo-visual health history of patient & their related family
  • A vision assessment
  • Determination of the most accurate prescription for far, near, and work-station viewing
  • Colour vision, depth and general perception testing
  • Ocular motility evaluation
  • Evaluation of the central nervous system relating to the eyes, ocular muscles and lids
  • Tear film assessment
  • Evaluation of the of the external and internal ocular tissues
  • Retinal evaluation including retinal imaging and scanning
  • Vascular assessment
  • Glaucoma screening, testing, treatment and management
  • Peripheral visual field assessment
  • Contact lens evaluation and fit assessment for those who wear contacts lenses (additional fee for these services)


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